As a home inspector it is my job to assist my clients in the process of buying a home. I am hired to do a complete visual inspection of the home and report any issues that may be present. Thanks to the infrared camera I am able to see beyond the scope of the inspection in some aspects. Whether it be an overheated electrical circuit, possible water leaks and damage, or missing insulation and air leaks. These are all types of issues that are not visible to the naked eye but can be very dangerous and costly. I don't use the camera for the entire inspection, but if I come across something that doesn't seem right or raises any flags, I'll pull it out and dig a little deeper into that area. This camera is an absolute game changer when it comes to certain limitations. This is just one of the perks you will have when you call MOONCAP Properties & Home Inspections to do your inspection today!

- Nick Mooney, Owner

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